Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What's been happening?

I have been busy making up some custom orders. Mostly girls stuff! Check out these cute little oufits

This gorgeous outift is a reversible crossover back pinny with matching reversible bloomers

This ones a cute little balloon style dress with long bloomers!

So cute!

And another reversible pinny, has matching bloomers

but I forgot to take a pic!

I'm also making a couple of boys sets for customs too. Once I have all these finished I will have a chance to make more stock for my store.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Summer time

I have finally got around to making the first of my summer stock. Some cute unisex fisherman pants, with a cuff that can be turned up to make them into shorts. I'm using lots of vibrant colors and prints.

I have been very busy with a few custom orders. Hopefully I will get to make up some shorts in the next few weeks. I am trying to buy some tshirts for appliquing, basically to make better use of my time! If I can get some nice ones I can make them up much quicker than having to construct the whole tshirt.

Once again my summer stock will have a focus on boys clothes, but there will be a few girly things, as they are just so much fun to sew!

Here's some pics

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Whats happening at Buggz

After starting out with much enthusiasm I am finding that keeping up with the auction set up is very time cosuming. So I have reverted to buy it now pricing. Prices will remain low, so items can now be purchased without having to wait for auctions to finish, and this gives me lots more time to dedicate to sewing rather than admin stuff!

I am starting to wind down production of winter clothes and will be concerntrating on getting some summer stock made up over the next few months.

I also have some exciting Christmas ideas going on. So keep an eye out!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Chibobo Kids appeal '08

You will see a couple of auctions on my site for this years Chibobo Kids appeal. The appeal has been set up by Kate over at Nappycino. All proceeds from these two auctions will be donated to the appeal.

The first auction is this pair of size 1 dungarees
The second auction is this vibrant pair of kids fisherman pants

In 2006 Kate raised over $2000 doing a similar appeal. Help us to smash that record, and pick up a cute outfit while at it.

There is a link to the Cibobo '08 appeal blog in my links at the left.

Here's some of Kates post to give you an idea of what the appeal is all about

" back in 05 and 06 we ran an appeal to help support an orphanage in Chibobo, which is in Zambia. In 06 we raised $2000 which was used for medical supplies and to help fund a nurse.Many of the orphans are there because their parents have passed away from AIDs. Those who remember our 06 appeal may also remember Kunda, who was our 'poster child' of that year and only a baby when he arrived at the orphanage. Like many babies in the region his diet as a newborn consisted of maize and similar substances mixed with water in a bottle... and the water was certainly not as clean or sanitary as the tap water we have in our own country.Sadly Kunda passed away last year, and learning this recently has really kicked my butt into gear in the hopes that we can help out the community again this year. Over the past appeals we also sent a big consignment of goods including nappies and clothing for the children. This year, I'm putting my money where my mouth is and would like to ask anyWAHM interested to do the same.My sister is currently at the orphanage on a mission with our local church (my school runs trips there every other year as well and will be sending a team over next year). Hopefully once she is settled in back home again in a couple of weeks I can put up some photos so you can all see what it is really like over there.The reason I have chosen to support this in the past is that unlike some charitable organisations, the money raised doesn't get lost in beurocracy but is entirely used to help the orhanage and the surrounding community. At the moment I am assessing my own life and blessings to be living in a first world country, and I want to help just a few of those who weren't blessed with the same good fortune."

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

School Holidays

It's school holidays here in Vic. So my sewing will be put on hold for the next two weeks. I'll probably get a bit done here and there, but due to the demands of my children, I don't think it is going to be a very productive time! So we will see how it goes. I have a few things still on auction, but don't expect to have much to add once they finish.

I will be back in full swing when they return to school and I get my space and my peace and quiet back LOL.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

This week at Buggz

I've been doing some custom orders this week, my favorite one is these size 4 fisherman flongies. The fabric choice is gorgeous! I will make more of them in the next few weeks, just want to make sure my sizing is a good fit. They will be a little bit more expensive than the smaller sizes as they use quite a bit more fabric. Won't be much though.

I got some gorgeous new prints from America again this week. Here's a sneak peak of a few of them.

Lots of cool dragons !!!

Armadillos !!! How cute are these !!!

More dragons, these colors are so vibrant

Gorgeous animal print, with pandas, elephants, zebras and more!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Lots more Buggz goodies on auction

I've been having great success with my auctions on the new site. It feels really good to be offering people a quality product at a low price. I am very fortunate that I don't have to depend on my sewing sales to help make ends meet. I hope my low prices are helping some people to dress their kids it cute clothes at a minimal cost.
I've had some lovely comments that my pants are really easy to dress with, which is what I was hoping to achieve! And that they fit beautifully over those big fluffy cloth bottoms!
Here's som of what's on auction this week.
Size 3 froggy cords, love the camo fabric!
Cute long sleeve tee, there's a few more in my Buggz store

Froggy fisherman flongies, this is a gorgeous print!

I'm making more flongies today

Love these tan cords, the bright orange fabric turns boring tan into cute an funky!

And some down on the farm fun!!! Look at those cute tractor prints!